Friday, January 7, 2011

Back In Business Baby!

I can't believe it, but next month will be a year since I went to my first SistersShoppingOnAShoestring coupon class! I have to say, it was very eye opening and life changing! I coupon to the best of my ability and as much as my schedule allows. Unfortunately, with school and the holidays, my schedule didn't allow very much :( However, I am BACK to my coupon clipping ways, and it felt so nice to sit and clip my coupons and organize my binder today! My Dad was kind enough to come and sit with Gabe so I could go coupon shopping at Giant Eagle all by my lonesome, and oh how fun it was! Even though they were out of the 200 calorie Digornio pizzas that I had my heart set on for lunch tomorrow, I did score Cheerios for 50 cents, free paper towels, and some pretty cheap make up. Here's how it went:

Total: $87.27
Amount saved with GE card, coupons, and ECoupons: $51.82
Total Amount Spent: $35.45

Cheerios: $2 
-$0.75 Man Coupon (MC)
= $0.50 per box

Bounty Paper Towels: $1
-$1.00 any Bounty ECoupon

Wisk $4.99
=$2.99 per bottle

Bounce Dryer Bar: $4.79
-$2.00 ECoupon
-$1.50 MC

Snack Pack Pudding $1
-$0.60 /3
= $1.80 for 3

Cafe Steamers $2.50 / Egg Beaters $3
-$1/2 Cafe Steamers
-$0.35/1 Egg Beaters
=$6.30 for 3 & I received a $3 catalina

Loreal Face Powder $6.99
-$2/1 MC
-$2/1 ECoupon
= $2.99 each.

Dreamfeild Pasta $2
-$1/1 MC
=$1 each

Not to shabby for my first day back! :) Please click on the button to the right to check out SistersShoppingOnAShoestring website! They post the best deals, free samples, and coupons to help your couponing experience even easier!


  1. How do you do the "ecoupon" thing??? We are headed to Eagle today for the Wisk, coffeemate and pudding. I love looking at the receipt after all the coupons come off... ha! I just wish they still printed the percentage saved that day at the bottom of the receipt

  2. You just register your GE card on their website ad then you can load the e-offers/coupons right onto your card! Then when you purchase the items, it comes right off when you check out!