Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Cheap Meal

I am a sucker for Italian food, who knew?? Lol :) I was lucky enough to work for the Angello's at their family business for the better part of my late teens/early twenties. I learned a TON about food, and came to love just about everything they made. I have no idea how to make homemade ravioli, so I go with the bag stuff. As I started making this I realized what a cheap meal for a family of 4 this is (it makes 4 servings, I know I only have a family of three ;) ), and thought I would share, so the next time you find these things on sale, you can be thrifty and have a cheap delish, easy meal as well! :)

This stuff was on sale at Giant Eagle this past week:
Rosetto Raviloi - $3
Hunt's Pasta Sauce- $1.25
Ground Beef (this was on sale the week before) - $2.99/lb (extra lean)
Total: $7.24 ($1.81 per serving for a family of four)
Brown the ground beef, add the sauce, cook ravs to package directions!

Quick, easy, tasty and point friendly :)

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