Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thank God it's Friday!

As many of you know, Jeremy works a swing shift. It is not the most ideal situation, but we deal with it the best we can. He works seven days in a row, and then had two days off, so his "weekends" usually fall during the week. Today, while it is Tuesday to most of you , it is Friday to us! :)

I am excited that he will have tomorrow off, because with all of the snow that is coming, I am hoping to break out Gabe's new snow suit and snow boots and take him outside for some Kodak moments! Pictures will be posted :)

As we hunker down for the snow that is coming, I feel like soup is in order. I made beef stew for dinner today (Yum!), but I am thinking that Cheeseburger Soup or my Mom was telling she made a really delish Chicken Tortilla soup yesterday. What is your favorite soup on cold winter days?

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  1. Garlic Onion from Hazels Artisen Bakery. I'll convince Lonnie to give me the recipe one day :) I made potato,leek and garlic soup tonight. My first attempt at soup. Brett said it was supposed to have potato chunks...ooops I smoothed them all out! How's the cheeseburger made?