Monday, January 10, 2011

Thoughts and Goals for the New Week..

This is my last week of vacation from school before spring semester begins. I am determined to make it productive, healthy and fun. I had a great start to the week yesterday when I weighed in, down 5 pounds on the scale! I love it when a plan comes together!
I have been thinking of a meal plan for this week, I think it will involve a lot of chicken.
I do know that I will need to make one more trip to the store to stock up on things before the snow comes. I don't think those four boxes of Cheerios is gonna cut it!
As the number on te scale goes down, so does the number of points I get every day. I already lost a point, and I kinda miss it! However, I don't miss the pounds..
I have a goal of getting Gabriel to try one new food this week. Even if he spits it out of his mouth.
Scratch the chicken, beef stew sounds better.
I've had 4 bills that need to mailed in my purse for 3 days now, why can I not remember to put them in a darn mailbox?
I'm gonna work on new cookie/gift basket ideas.  I think a trip to Flower Factory is in order..


  1. We always plan our meals for the week... It makes shopping / cooking so much easier. We are both too tired at the end of the day to think of something for supper so we just check the list. We also now have weeks and weeks of menus in a little notebook. Super handy!

  2. I just wrote my blog for today then came to check yours. We're both down 5 pounds!!! Go us!!! I cant make a meal plan. We never stick to it. But I always have chicken, seafood, lean ground beef and turkey in the freezer, so whatever we decide we are in the mood for, we have it within reach, just a defrost away.

    I'm really proud of both of us. Here's to another week of healthier choices! Good luck getting Gabe to try something new!

  3. Steph, that is certainly a goal that I have, but it is one that is so hard for me to keep for some reason. It is hard for me to decide what we will be in the mood for a week ahead. I try to plan as much as I can around sales, and coupons that I have. So it is something to work on! :)
    Renee, Yeah!!! Go us! I just posted to your blog as well! :) I looking forward to a week of healthier choices (even though today didn't go so well..), and I will let you know how it goes with Gabe! :)